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So This Is Freedom?


Too often we imagine our industry is all about food & drink - the inspiration for a dish, the balance of flavour in a cocktail, the beautiful shot we put on a Insta post. 

It’s easy to do - but in our opinion - misses the point. Our industry is not about all that bullshit - it’s about people - their experience, dreams and even their Freedom to live a better and happier life.


Often the people working in our industry; creating all of the energy it feeds from, are forgotten at the end of a shift, used as commodities which can be thrown away when things don’t work out, or when vulnerable: put in unsafe and damaging environments. 

The long hours and constant stress impact every part of our lives and can quickly degrade our mental health or push us towards addictions which ruin lives- we have all seen it and felt there is little we can do to change it.


Sound a bit strong?? We don’t feel it is - and the fight back has started! 


To own this problem. 

To talk about it. 

To work together to create an industry which is positive for all the people it touches.


The team at The Social Distortion have created a range of taste additives for kitchens all over - No Rules Philosophy as standard. 

Made to create flavour and disruption - but most important - to only be used in kitchens which are fighting back against the way it’s always been - pledging to be part of to a better, kinder more open future.


Sign up below(*link) and we will send you a custom pot of flavour enhancing magic. You take a pinch each day - throw some in a dish - and take a second to think about starting the conversations we need to have. 


We can Eat Well and Feel Well too.


At The Social Distortion we will keep talking about So This Is Freedom in everything we do - creating conversations - and joining forces across the industry for good. Look out for new products, events and actions so we can make a little progress each day.




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